SCI-FI/THRILLER Film Festival - FREE TICKETS. Thur. Nov. 28th. 7pm

Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 7pm

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A showcase of the SCI-FI & THRILLER Short Films from around the world today.

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 THE DISCOVERY, 16min., USA, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jill Von D
Captain Esson Halser of the U.S.S Centauri is alone on Planet Aurelia, Earth’s nearest inhabited planet. He is on a mission to extract all organic life forms to send back to New Earth, where humanity has since settled – or so he thinks. His only companion in this lonely existence, an Artificial Intelligence system embodied in a drone called SAN X9000, isn’t of much companionship. Every day he sets out and completes his tasks. One day, on a mission, a peculiar piece of his past catapult him into a chase for truth, leading him to find the true nature of his mission – one that puts him not on any other planet at all, but rather close to home.

THE SLEEP OF THE RIGHTEOUS, 16min., Mexico, Thiller/Action
Directed by Alejandro Cabrera
In Mexico, where only one in every 100 crimes ends in a conviction, a group of men decide to wait no more and take justice on their own hands. Soon they discover that they’ve killed the wrong man, that two police detectives seem to be on their track and that a gang of real criminals want to make them pay for their mistake.

SOLITAIRE, 15min., USA, Thriller/Drama
Directed by Paola Bernardini & Wayland Bell
In this dark comedy we follow a young woman who has secluded herself in her palatial estate from any human interaction. When she hires a handyman in the hopes of relieving her lack of companion ship, she finds herself overwhelmed with attachment to this man which quickly snowballs when he attempts to leave the estate.

SIEGE, 15min., Canada, Sci-Fi
Directed by Deeptanshu Sinha
In a futuristic universe, Aaditya tries to commit suicide to escape the bloody violence orchestrated by his brother. However, the protagonist has to choose between being eternally captive in the illusory world of coma pushing him on the edge between life and death, or facing the atrocities of reality, in order to accomplish his destiny by becoming a symbol of hope.

A NIGHT WITHOUT, 6min., Isreal, Thriller
Directed by Itamar Isaak
A sleepless father, in danger of losing his sanity, is hopelessly trying to put his crying baby to sleep.

HIDEOUS, 16min., UK, Thriller
Directed by Hamish Robertson
When cheerful flower shop employee, Marla, awkwardly comes into contact with a mysterious man dressed all in black, she learns that her husband, Pete, was savagely murdered earlier that day. He then gives her an opportunity to take revenge. But will she accept?

DIVE ODYSSEY, 11min., Finland, Sci-Fi
Directed by Janne Kasperi Suhonen
A meditative journey into the depths of water – and mind Dive Odyssey takes the viewers on a journey into crystal clear darkness where the only light ever is man-made. The film is an ode to thousands of years of mystical experience of water. It is also a tribute to science-fiction classics, some of which may be recognized in the film.

Carlton Cinemas

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Toronto, O M5B 2H5

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